ACMAE solicits original, unpublished and novel papers for research publication and presentation in research track, and industry/application papers in application track. Articles in all areas of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering are of interest, including the following:

Aerospace Communications

• Aircraft Navigation and Control
• Radar Systems and Signal Processing
• Applications of Laser Technology in Aerospace
• Aerospace robotics and mechatronics
• Satellite Communication and Technology
• Optical Communication and Satellite Link

Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace

• Advanced Materials for 3D Printing
• Optical Materials for Specialized Components
• Biotechnology and Nanotechnology
• Design Optimization for Additive Manufacturing
• In-situ Monitoring and Control In 3D Printing Processes

Autonomous Systems and Robotics

• Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for various applications
• Robotic systems for space exploration and maintenance
• Autonomous control algorithms for aerospace vehicles
• Optical Sensing Technology

Energy Harvesting and Sustainable Design

• Renewable energy integration in aerospace systems
• Lightweight structures for energy-efficient designs
• Smart materials for energy harvesting in mechanical systems
• Optical Materials and Coatings

Fluid Dynamics and Aerodynamics

•Hypersonic flight research
• Turbulence modeling and control
• Flow control for drag reduction and performance enhancement

Propulsion Systems and Combustion

• Airport Management and Operations
• Advanced propulsion technologies for space exploration
• Combustion optimization for efficiency and emissions reduction
• Hybrid propulsion systems for next-generation aircraft

Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics

• Airport Management and Operations
• Aeroelastic modeling and analysis
• Flutter and vibration control in aircraft wings
• Structural dynamics of flexible aerospace structures

Lightweight and Multi-functional Composite Structures

• Ultra-light and high strength composite structures
• Vibration and noise reduction composite structures
• Impact-resistant and energy absorption composite structures
• Microwave absorption composite structures
• Electromagnetic wave absorbing composite structure

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